Effective insulation solution for roof.
Green materials & environmentally friendly.

General introduction

Cool Foam XPS foam sheet is an insulating product made from PolyStyrene plastic and some other additives manufactured on the line according to modern technology of Germany. The product has a uniform cell structure with outstanding features such as:
- Optimal insulation with Cool Foam XPS brings quick profits to construction investors due to reduced energy consumption. It contributes to a healthy living environment and protects the building from external influences such as heat, cold and moisture, thereby increasing its life and value.
- Cool Foam XPS is applied a lot in civil and industrial construction items such as: concrete ceiling, tile roof, brick wall, concrete wall, floor, cold storage floor, basement floor, parking lot, roadbed...

Product advantages

The product has a uniform cell structure with outstanding features such as:

  • Good insulation. Low heat transfer coefficient K <= 0.03W / mK at 24oC.
  • Light weight easy to cut and transport.
  • High compressive strength, can reach over 300 Kpa under low density conditions.
  • Good waterproofing and anti-moisture properties thus reducing the possibility of mold growth.
  • Stable chemical composition, non-toxic.

Identify the Cool Foam XPS insulation

Customer who buy Cool Foam XPS insulation products at Cat Tuong Corp stores to ensure genuine products and receive standard warranty for the products.


Technical information of Cool Foam XPS insulation board

Cool Foam XPS creates a layer of foam that prevents heat from outside the house and from inside to outside to keep the house temperature less affected by outdoor temperatures. In addition, the unified structure of the Cool Foam XPS insulation is completely waterproof to prevent water and moisture from outside to inside to increase the life of the house.


Quality certification

If you are wondering what kind of material for a building requires insulating materials. Cool Foam XPS will be an extremely superior solution compared to other materials. Certification made by reputable units.