Refractory ceramic wool

Ceramic wool is a type of high temperature insulation wool (HTIW) which is one of several types of synthetic mineral wool, generally defined as those resistant to temperatures above 1000°C.
Our ceramic blankets are manufactured by high purity spun ceramic fiber wool with superior chemical stability. They give excellent thermal insulation, refractory performance as well as acoustic characteristics. Blankets are inert to chemicals except to some acids such as hydrofluoric, phosphoric acids and strong alkalines. Products possess strength and mechanic properties before and even after heating. Thermal and physical properties are retained after drying from oil, steam and water.
Kiln and furnace refractory lining
Boiler, pipe and duct insulation
Furnace door seals
Heat treatment controls
Fireproof for the construction and industries
Soaking pit covers and seals.
Excellent insulating performance
High tensile strength
Excellent thermal stability (1.5-4%)
Low heat storage
Excellent thermal shock resistance
Low thermal conductivity
Good sound absorption
Physical properties
Density (kg/m3)  64/96/128/160
Tensile strength (kPa)
64 kg/m3 30
96 kg/m3 60
128 kg/m3 80
160 kg/m3 100


Thermal performance

Temperature (oC) Thermal conductivity (W/m.K)
200 0.05
400 0.09
600 0.15
800 0.20
1000 0.27
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