ECOWOOL blanket is a specifically designed glass mineral wool for thermal and acoustical insulation for roofing application. The new generation of glass mineral wool has been engineered to provide the highest level of thermal and acoustic performance for building occupants to achieve the optimum level of indoor comfort deserved. Products are manufactured in Malaysia by Polyglass Fibre with over 30 years experience in the industry.

Once installed, the high performance insulation blanket acts as a highly effective barrier to heat flow, keeping your building cool during hot weather and conserving the cool air indoors.

Unlike many low quality glasswool products, Ecowool is manufactured from very high standard facility using European and American technologies combined run by highly skilled technical workers. The Ecowool products therefore possess many advantages including very uniform fibre diameter, long and small fibre giving no itchiness.

In addition, Polyglass has developed a premium line of product branded Brownie. Brownie, the formaldehyde free range of ECOWOOL glass mineral wool insulation employs formaldehyde free binder that is free of formaldehyde, phenol or any other artificial chemicals. Brownie is tested in Air Quality Services and the product emission for formaldehyde & VOCs passed the GREENGUARD Children & Schools Criteria. This line of product offer extra point for projects that need Green Certificate such as LEED, Green Mark or similar.


It combines cost efficiency with the highest standard of insulation performance when installed under metal deck roofs or clay tiles roofs. It is also used as sound absorbing layers sandwiched between plaster or cement boards. This structure is common in drywall application and becoming more popular in recent years due to Vietnamese government regulations in eliminating baked construction materials such as clay brick.

Another popular application of glasswool is in HVAC where it is used to wrap around air duct in central AC system to prevent heat loss and condensation.




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Disclaimer: The information in the specification table is the result of laboratory tests on the company’s products. These values are average values and are considered the standard in accordance with the highest understanding of our company.

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