Bubble wrap

Cat Tuong Bubble Wrap products are manufactured on a modern automatic production line using 100% LDPE plastic resin imported from Malaysia, Saudi, and Iran and not from recycled plastic. Products are RoHS compliant (2002/95/EC).


– Protect goods against bumps, scratches.

– Durable, environmentally friendly.

– Robust, easy to transport


– Products are made into rolls and bags with maximum width 1.5m for different applications.

– Fragile product packaging, electronic products, glass, crystal, ceramics, etc.

– Protect vegetables, fruits, fish from crush.

– Our bubble wrap has 10mm bubble diameter, a special 3 layer wrap can be used for greenhouse for growing flowers, plants, seedlings.


– Large orders should be notified at least 7 working days in advance.

– Can be added with anti-static additives if required by customer.

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