Shipping & packaging

As e-commerce industry is growing rapidly over the last few years, more and more products and goods are shipped in packages. In order to protect packages in good conditions arriving at customers, we offer various shipping and packaging solutions below.

Bubble mailers are sturdily built with bubble lined wall construction for extra protection during transit with self sealing adhere easily and securely, and made of recycled Kraft paper, polyethylene and/or other plastics. 

The self-seal closure provides a reliable, tamper-evident seal to secure all enclosures, while being opaque, the exterior film creates a crisp, professional image for your company. They provide the ultimate protection for your mailing. Extremely Flexible.

The poly bubble mailers are unique, lightweight padded mailers made from a DURABLE,MOISTURE,MULTI-LAYER BLEND of polyethylene film. The film is laminated to a resilient, cushioning bubble material for added protection. Durable and moisture-resistant, with exceptional puncture resistance, tear strength, and cushioning performance. Products come with various sizes and colors

Bubble wrap made from high quality polyethylene for flexible packaging is also on offer. The product is graded as normal and food safe for customer choice.

Insulated Pallet Covers are used to cover materials on a pallet. Our pallet covers are perfect for light/medium/heavy duty usage. Pallet covers are made from our air bubble sheets with range of quality to meet customers requirements from disposable one time usage covers to reusable covers that can be used multiple times.

We also can make covers with different thicknesses, finishing, zippers and velcro.

Industrial pallet covers provide versatile protection from weather, heat shock, debris and other hazardous elements during shipping and storage. Our pallet covers offer an economical way to protect any finished product. Pre-cut covers can be used to fit with a variety of pallet sizes as dimensions vary per model up to 40ft container in size.







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