Kraft bubble mailer

Bubble mailer

Kraft Bubble mailers are sturdily built with bubble lined wall construction for extra protection during transit with self sealing adhere easily and securely, and made of recycled Kraft paper, polyethylene and/or other plastics. 

Product Description

1.kraft paper bubble mailers made of  PE bubble + kraft paper film,easy write surface, outside coloure can be yellow,white,nature or other colour as request,clear air bubble inside,

3.Self adhesive seal style,safe,high sequrity,recyclable

4.Size can be customized ,

5.Superior cushioning and surface protection,with good amount of padding.not easy tear.

6.Customized designs/shapes are welcomed.

7.Multi-functions for mailing and packaging


Kraft bubble mailer

Envelop have bubble inside


1.It can be used to packing clothes, books,gifts,wears,Accessories and post tape, CD,Camera lens, film,

2.certificate.IC card,mini-type machine accessory,etc.with good amount of padding,

3.not easy tear,strong,self-adhesive tamperproof seal.Suitable for waterproof and protective packaging and transportation.





  • Anti-tremble, anti-throw, anti-rub, light shield, self seal etc.
  • recyclebable ,and accord with the request of environmentalism;
  • Preventing inside items from damaging due to collision, attrition or static
  • It is located in HCM, which ensures the convenience of transportation.
  • Export and import right assures goods could be exported worldwide.
  • Size and color can be customized.



Internal water protection , water stains and moisture barrier, comprehesive protection your goods.

Self- Adhensive sealing

Self-sticking seal adopts high temprature hot melt , strong and easy to use, easy to tear strip design, easy to open and paste

Hot melt edge banning

Improves tear streng and will not repair after forcible tearing , protecting your privacy

Kraft Bubble Mailers is an ideal, low cost, high efficient source for commercial and residential shipping/mailing tasks. PackagingSuppliesByMail specializes in equipping customers with the best possible brands of Kraft Mailers on the market so that they’re packaging procedures are fluent and productive. From a firsthand basis, we understand the need for users to be equipped with quality shipping devices, so we have a full knowledge of what is cheap and what is superb in regards to deciding the right mailer

Kraft bubble mailer information

Kraft bubble mailer information


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