Insulation support mesh


1) Hot dipped galvanized steel mesh for use as fiberglass support mesh

  • Coated evenly, durable over time, good resistance to rust.
  • Products are manufactured for climatic conditions in Vietnam.
  • Product specifications: there are two basic types

– Width 1.2m x Length 50m packed in rolls.

– Width 1.8m x Length 30m packed in rolls.

Both have 1.2mm steel wire diameter and 10cm x 10cm grid.


*2) 304 stainless steel mesh

  • Used for installation of insulation materials demanding high quality support mesh.
  • Products are made from 304 stainless steel wires
  • Product specification: Width 1.8m x Length 60m, 1.2mm stainless steel wire diameter and 10cm x 10cm grid.



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