Reflex Ceiling insulation

It is used to prevent heat coming down from ceiling and is made of two bright silver reflecting heat surfaces with air bubble layer in the middle, providing light, superior and impressive insulation solution. It is not only good insulation for the ceiling but also protecting the ceiling and extending the its life.

Reflex Ceiling insulation

Thermal resistance R = 1.7 m2.K/W

Metalize film creates a smooth and shiny surface on both sides, maximizing thermal reflection on the surface of the product.

The reflectivity of the product manufactured in accordance with ASTM C1371 (USA) results in a reflection of up to 96% of the radiant heat and a emissivity of only 0.04 .

The 4mm thick air bag acts as an buffer pad, partially eliminating the thermal conductivity of the metalize film. This is a special feature of the air bubble insulation, which determines the superior thermal insulation of the product.

Light weight product

The product is made of 100% LDPE plastic with non-impurities, durable product and super light weight only 83g / 60cm x 60 cm sheets, suitable for any ceiling type.

Product is preferred over high-density insulation materials on the market such as foam, OPP, mineral wool,…

Light weight product

Saving energy

Saving energy

Using insulation for roofs, ceilings and walls can save at least 20% of the cooling system’s power consumption.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the proper use of ceiling and roof insulation products will reduce the monthly electricity consumption by 15-20%, in addition to cutting CO2 emissions.

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Easy installation

Reflex Ceiling pieces are packaged in bag of 30 for your DIY. With standard dimensions suitable for all types of ceiling (gypsum ceiling, cement ceiling, plastic ceiling, ceiling drop …), easy installation in a short time without high technical requirements.

With detailed instructions on the product, you can easily install, maintain and replace quickly.

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Easy installation

Protect ceiling and extend its life

Protect ceiling and extend its life

Most of the ceiling panels will have lifetime reduced due to the heat from the roof.

Therefore, with insulation characteristics from Reflex Ceiling it will prevent heat, protect and increase the life of your ceiling.



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Environmentally friendly

Reflex Ceiling is made of non-toxic plastic, which is EN186-1: 2002 certified by SGS (Singapore).

In addition, the products are CE and ISO 14001: 2004 certified, meeting the stringent requirements of the European market for quality, health and environmental safety.


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Environmentally friendly

Installation guide for Reflex Ceiling

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