Q1: Why do I need to insulate my house?
Buildings with good insulation offer many benefits

  • Significant energy savings 
  • A short term payback 
  • Improvements in comfort, energy bill, noise control, maintenance costs, healthy living space
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Insulation cost for a new house contributes less than 1% of the total construction cost. 

Q2: How does insulation work?
Insulation materials work because they prevent the ways heat transfer between cold and hot places. Heat can transfer by three different ways, namely, conduction, convection and radiation. An ideal insulation should be able to prevent all these heat transfer mechanisms. 

Q3: How does Cat Tuong insulation product work?

Cat Tuong insulation products by the method of reflectivity can prevent downward heat to your home, always keep a cool living space. At the same time they can prevent the spread of the heat out of the house which saves energy for air conditioning & heating. In addition, the products also have sound insulation ability and help reduce noise between the environment inside and outside of the house.

Q4: How does insulation help regulate the temperature of my house?
Well insulated house can keep your indoor temperature stable and that is good for both humans and furniture & appliances. It can also minimize your energy bills for heating & cooling. Ideal temperature for us is around 24oC and by using a good insulation materials for your house you can manage to get this temperature without relying too much on the HVAC system.

Q5: Can I install my own insulation?
Yes. You can. We do the best to give you comprehensive information on how to install our products. We guide you through different steps from choosing the right insulation materials to how to install with your tile/metal roofs, ceilings, walls… Browse through appropriate pages of this website to get the needed information. However, we would recommend to use professional builders to get the best results for your house. 

Q6: How long does insulation last? 
The insulation materials should last as long as the life time of the building. At Cattuong Corp, we use the highest quality raw materials together with modern manufacturing technologies. Our products, as a result, meet highest international standards for insulation. We also work together with other reputable manufacturers to distribute their insulation products.

Q7: Will I need to change my insulation in the future?
We offer warranty for all our products and we will exchange for free for the products you bought which still have our warranty. However, just like any other part of the building things will get deteriorate over the years and need to be replaced or renovated  thus you do need to check your insulation whenever you need to renovate your home.

Q8: What is R value?

R value is a parameter indicating the ability to resist heat transfer of material. Generally, higher R value means material is better at preventing heat flow. 

Q9: What is Total R value?
Total R value is the total of each and every element that makes up the construction of a building, and includes wall/ceiling/underfloor applications such as brick, plaster, internal air, cement sheeting and so on. As mentioned above, heat can be transferred by three different ways thus a good insulation should be able to prevent all heat transfer mechanisms. However, the R value is mostly measured of by heat conduction and has not accounted for convection and heat radiation. We use Total R value to appropriately correct this issue. We have done some Total R value calculations for common insulation systems so that you can be worry-free.